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Art for Teens Summer Program

This art program is designed to help students explore self expression through the elements of art and design. Students will experiment with various mediums to learn values, colors, shapes, form, and textures. After learning the fundamental elements, students will have a chance to create and design their own works.

The class is being taught by Brianna, a creative thinker who has a passion for fine arts. She discovered her love for teaching when she taught an art class for a non-profit organization, A World Fit for Kids. Her experience has allowed her to not only teach students about art, but to learn and grow from her students as well.

Brianna is a true believer in ones expression through the arts. She firmly believes that giving students a chance to work their creative muscle and express themselves creatively through the arts allows students to thrive in an academic setting. Brianna’s teaching methods allow students full creative control on their work all the while learning the fundamental elements of Art & Design. Her thirst for knowledge in the arts is forever growing. She looks forward to sharing her wealth of knowledge and appreciation with young minds.


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