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Pooja Bajaj
Educational Advisor

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Pooja is a lifelong learner, and her biggest passion from the time that she was in high school has been psychology and understanding other humans. After completing her undergraduate career in psychology and English from Rutgers University, she moved to New York City in her early 20s and started a corporate career. Over the next ten years, she worked in the financial industry as a Stockbroker and for Credit Suisse as a Global Project Manager. She also enjoyed making an impact interning briefly for a non-profit before graduating from Columbia University with a Masters in Organizational Psychology. It was only a few years ago and amidst uncertainty in both her personal and professional life, that she discovered the true definition and practice of mindfulness. 


Pooja is a seasoned entrepreneur, and is now immersed fully in what will be her life’s work, with Enrich Mindfulness Consulting. She has always taken pride and found joy in helping young adults in their educational endeavors with her mindfulness approach, and considers EMC to be a solid representation of structural guidance for people in various stages of their lives. What makes her a valuable player in the mindfulness industry is that she has both the personal, educational, and professional experience to be able to make a contribution. She understands herself and her own journey, therefore she is confident she will be able to understand you. According to Pooja, the purpose of mindfulness is to create a happier, kinder, and more compassionate society, one person at a time. She draws from the work of Baumrind’s four parenting styles (including helicopter parents) and the many factors that influence a child’s development towards becoming independent, confident young adults into her advisement. 


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