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Ricardo Archila
Director of Strategic Initiatives & Client Relations

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Ricardo has over 15 years of experience in fostering strong client relations in various fields-- in real estate, education, business, and the technology sector. He is a firm believer in the power of education to transform lives, and wishes to help others get the resources they need to be successful!


During his tenure in the real estate industry, he has had the opportunity to work one-on-one with clients in all situations, from your traditional real estate sale to distressed homeowners facing foreclosure. He has helped his clients directly by re-negotiating contracts with lenders, and he quickly became an expert in contract negotiations and the short sale process. Just like in real estate, he recognizes that every client is different and has unique needs. Which is why he gives every client interaction special care and attention.


Ricardo is a leader in his community and has participated in various programs as well as held leadership positions. He has served as the Board of Directors of the National Association of Realtors. He has served as Chair of the Young Professionals, an initiative to promote education, best practices, and mentorship to aspiring young business leaders. He has also participated in the San Mateo County Leadership Program, a program that provides leaders from business, civic, and nonprofit sectors with a framework for engaging and establishing relationships with community leaders representing numerous sectors and issues – from health and housing to education and economic development.


At College Advising Prep, he works directly with clients to identify their needs and learning objectives then matches them to a tutor, test prep expert, or an educational advisor. He is also responsible for identifying key relationships with community based organizations. Through his efforts, we have an established partnership with Redwood City PAL Center, Cañada College, and more. Ricardo recognizes the paramount importance of nurturing long-term client relationships, making it a priority to regularly check in to ensure satisfaction and address any concerns clients may have.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Ricardo has also shared his knowledge and expertise by teaching Spanish and math to young students. 

When he's not dedicated to delivering outstanding service to clients, he enjoys exploring the Bay Area with his family, savoring new culinary experiences at local eateries, or tending to his collection of bonsai trees.

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