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Comprehensive Education Solution for children K-12.SAPEP programs seek to raise student achievement levels generally and to close achievement gaps between groups of students throughout the K-20 pipeline. The goal of SAPEP programs is to work in partnership with K-12, the business sector, community organizations, and other institutions of higher education, so that a higher proportion of California’s young people, including those who are first-generation, socioeconomically disadvantaged, and English-language learners, are prepared for postsecondary education, pursue graduate and professional school opportunities, and achieve success in the workplace.

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With California schools re-opening, many students are bound to need some catch up on their coursework from the previous year. And parents and teachers agree that most students have fallen behind academically during the pandemic.

As passionate and experienced educators at College Advising Prep (CAP), we can help! 


CAP is an organization with 18 years experience in teaching and instruction as well as developing innovative and engaging curriculum. We are dedicated to preparing students for success by providing individualized academic support. Unlike many tutoring companies who hire recent college grads, all of our tutors have teaching credentials, or a minimum of five years experience teaching in both classroom and online settings.


At CAP, emotional intelligence influences everything we do, from helping preschoolers to understand how they’re feeling, to giving high school students skills on how to manage stress before an important test.

CAP may be a good option for you and your student:


Interactive online curriculum: We use educational platforms that make learning interactive and fun, allowing us to collaborate simultaneously. Both parents and students have found them to be high quality and very engaging.

Competitive rates & discounts: Our rates are competitive. We’re also offering a 10% discount to help lessen the financial burden families may experience.

Normalcy & stability: Setting aside a dedicated time to work with an instructor online may provide a sense of normalcy and stability during this uncertain time.

Although schools are resuming in-person learning, there is still a lot of catching up to do! Learning can happen anywhere there is a stable internet connection and a willingness to be engaged.


CAP tutors will diagnose students’ strengths and opportunities for improvements. They can help students fill in learning gaps, build on strengths, and get ahead of class materials. Which in turns build students’ aptitude, self-confidence, and helps them become active participants in class. Learn how we can provide an individualized tutoring plan to help your child achieve academic success!

Individualized Tutoring (Available Online)


Whether it’s the SAT, ACT, ISEE, HSPT, SSAT or AP exam, our CAP test prep experts will help students understand test taking strategies as well as foundational concept knowledge in order for the them to maximize their scores…and ultimately get accepted to the school of their dreams! Learn how we can customize a test prep solution that best fits your child’s needs!

Test Prep Strategies

(Available Online)


The college admissions process has become very overwhelming and quite competitive. The educational advisors at CAP have years of experience working in admissions at the state universities as well as private colleges. We have insider insights on how college admissions committee evaluates admission. Learn how our personalized guidance and support can help your child get accepted to the dream college!

College Admissions

Plan (Available Online) 


What Our Clients Say

Reading comprehension and writing skills weren't my biggest strengths. CAP helped me to understand poem explications, as well as improve reading comprehension, and writing skills which led to significant improvement in my reading and writing abilities. I have also learned to read between the lines and interpret figurative language. I'm so thankful to CAP, who has helped me learn these important skills! 

Prehan, Student

Tutoring Service

We’re so pleased with CAP’s test prep services. The test prep expert at CAP helped my daughter enhanced her skills as well as her confidence! I have no doubt that her work with CAP is what helped her get a successful acceptance to the two elite private schools she applied to—Pinewood and St. Francis! She is very excited (and we are, too) to start at St. Francis in the fall! 

Stephanie, Parent

Test Prep

​The CAP educational advisor was extremely capable, dedicated and caring. CAP provided guidance to us during the college application process. They are knowledgeable about the process to apply to UC or California State University systems. Overall, we are extremely happy with CAP’s advising and tutoring services and highly recommend them to any student preparing for college or need help in different subjects. 

Imran, Parent

College Admission Counseling

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