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Diane Birmingham
Administrative Assistant

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Diane has over 25 years' experience working with students, ages preschool through high school. From teaching Shakespeare to 5th graders, leading a large church children’s program complete with monthly family shows that incorporated live music, video and theatre to engage all ages, or theatre with high schoolers, she has found that incorporating fun into learning is a key element to connecting with children. She uses her love of theatre to engage students in an amusing way. 


She spent her early post college years working as a production manager in the textile industry, from tuxedos and suits to leather jackets and exercise wear, but the birth of her first child changed her path and started a passion for working with children. She was a founding member of the Burlingame Mother’ Club, and helped grow the supportive nature of the club by writing for the monthly newsletter and starting playgroups, the In-A-Pinch meal train, and the babysitting co-op. 


Hosting international students in her home has been an invaluable experience in learning to connect with people from different cultures and has taught her entire family the benefits of stepping outside of their comfort zone. Students from Hong Kong, France, Japan, Italy and Korea have broadened the views of her family simply by spending time with them. 


In each of her previous jobs, Diane has focused on connecting with families and students in order to make them feel comfortable and accepted. It’s important for her to remember the small details, such as interests of children, or correct spelling of names, as it makes people feel validated. 


Having grown up in Massachusetts and attended Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (now known as Thomas Jefferson University), moving to California was a big change for Diane, but one she has embraced and enjoyed for many years. She is married with four grown children. She absolutely does not miss the winter weather of Massachusetts, but still enjoys visiting family there when she can. You will sometimes hear that Boston accent sneak in after these visits. 


At College Advising Prep, Diane works closely with external partners and clients. She is an essential part of the organization’s leadership team. She looks forward to supporting the organizational mission of providing individualized academic support to each student. 


In her free time, she enjoys reading, gardening, long walks, costuming and quilting.

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