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Linar Shinn
Learning Strategist, K-8/SPED

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Linary is a devoted educator who takes pride in her students’ successes and milestones. She has over 15 years of experience working with kids in a variety of settings. From tutoring within the classroom setting to working with children in their homes, she always found creative ways to teach and engage students who were struggling in various subjects. She began volunteering as a high school senior in elementary school classrooms. A couple days a week, she would go into the classroom and help students with math and reading. What she prides herself in most is being able to make learning fun for her students. It was through her tutoring experiences that she discovered her passion for teaching.


Linary was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California. She is currently attending her last year at Western Governors University to obtain dual credentials in both K-8 and special education (mild to moderate). She would like to expand her teaching experience to work with various students with various abilities.


In 2011, while trying to discover which field of education she was most interested in, she stumbled upon the Morgan Autism Center where she fell in love with teaching students who were challenged both academically and behaviorally. It was the experience she had at MAC that solidified her decision that she wanted to become a special education teacher and she was able to discover the type of teacher she was. Working with students who are diagnosed with moderate to severe autism has its challenging moments, but it has also been infinity rewarding. It is the challenge of finding new ways to approach teaching that makes the job exciting and fun.


What Linary enjoys most about teaching is being able to interact with each student to find out what their interests are and use that to help engage the students in lessons being taught. Learning something new doesn’t have to be boring and she is constantly looking for new ways of teaching.


For fun, Linary enjoys being outside- whether it’s camping, boating, or just catching some California sunshine. She also loves to read and relax in the hammock.

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