Anthony Gomez

Teacher, Mindfulness

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Anthony has always had a drive to give back to the community by helping people in areas where he has been able to excel. He first began tutoring students in college in mathematics and served as a basketball coach. He believes that the best way to reinforce one’s knowledge is to teach others.  


Anthony was born in San Francisco and was raised in the Bay Area. He studied at University of the Pacific and received a Bachelors of Science in Business Management with an emphasis in the Music Industry and a minor in Pedagogy. He continues to learn and will always see himself as both a teacher and student.  


Life’s challenges and growing pains led Anthony to his own spiritual development. Due to health issues as an adolescent, he relied on acupuncture for relief. As he began to understand alternative medicine, his health, and healing processes, Anthony realized that there were more branches of holistic healing. It was then that he started studying the medical benefits of martial arts, such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, yoga and other mindfulness meditative movement practices. After personally experiencing the multitude of benefits that Qi Gong and Tai Chi offer, Anthony decided to complete the necessary coursework to be certified in order to provide the medical benefits of Qi Gong and Tai Chi to others.


Anthony’s spectrum of experiences in assisting students has varied from coaching various sports teams at the elementary, middle, and high school levels to mentoring and tutoring high school and college students in mathematics and business. He has had the pleasure of coaching sports for nearly 30 years. Some of his fondest memories were coordinating the NFL Flag Football League for the Peninsula Jewish Community Center and reestablishing the Sports and Enrichment program as Director of Programs during his three-year tenure at Redwood City Police Activities League.  


Anthony believes that when he is teaching or tutoring at College Advising Prep, he must be adaptable to the needs and learning styles of each student. He does this by building rapport and observing the needs of each student. With just a little patience, he’s able to successfully guide students toward their objectives. He understands that success can be measured in many ways. In the end, Anthony strives to create learning environments conducive for self-discovery and confidence, as well as providing a practical framework for each student to believe in his or her abilities.    


When Anthony is not teaching mindfulness, he practices it for himself at every conscious moment throughout each day, whether it is through Qi Gong practices or mindfulness meditation. Anthony believes that we, as a community, have the ability to change the world by having the right attitude. By reflecting a positive vibration in the things we do, we all can inspire others to do their best. “All students need is a solid example and a safe place for support.”