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Jessica Reginio
Curriculum Specialist/Learning Strategist

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Jessica’s interest in education started after taking a child development elective in high school. She was fascinated by the various educational philosophies, parenting styles and developmental milestones. 

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Jessica opted to attend Dominican University of California, a small private university in the Bay Area for her BA in Liberal Studies and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. She also earned Early Childhood Educational units from the University of La Verne. While in college, she tutored middle school and high school students at Canal Alliance, a nonprofit that supports underprivileged immigrants. Since graduation, she has taught various grades at schools in South San Francisco. 


She is thrilled to be part of CAP, a place where we learn, inspire and grow together. Jessica firmly believes that all students deserve to be in a community that supports their growth as a whole – intellectually, emotionally, socially, artistically and physically. Jessica is sure to present information in a variety of ways to tend to each unique learning style. When working in small groups or one-on-one, Jessica cultivates a student-centered environment, in which she is a facilitator of learning, thus providing students with the skills and motivation to be engaged learners and independent problem solvers. To foster positive social and emotional development, Jessica creates an affirming and nurturing environment by executing positive reinforcement, modeling effective communication, and exercising skills that help with self-regulation and emotional control. Giving students an opportunity to collaborate is also key. Through her Capstone research at Dominican University, Jessica has found that individuals enhance their critical thinking skills, self-awareness and relationships through collaboration. Additionally, Jessica enjoys implementing the arts and physical movement to make learning memorable.


When Jessica is not with students, she enjoys exploring new places, meditating, and cuddling with Cooper, her adorable Jack Russell Chihuahua!

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