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Nicole Ruland
Learning Strategist, K-8

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Nicole was born and raised in the rural town of Colville, in Washington State. In the summer months, she loves to be out camping in the woods or boating on the Columbia river, with her husband and daughter. During winter months she enjoys sledding, bowling, game nights and going to the movies. 


She earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Early Childhood Administration from Kaplan University, and has been on the Policy Council board for the local Early Head Start (EHS) program run by Eastern Washington University, for the past five years. With EHS she focuses on the importance of education in children, from birth to age three, in order to develop a love for learning. For the last five years, she has also taught English as a second language to children of all ages in China, via virtual classroom. She is an engaging teacher with many tricks to make online learning fun. In her personal life she homeschools her 1st grade daughter and also runs a small educational group. 


Nicole believes that education is meant to be enjoyed, and encourages children to pursue their scholastic interests. She believes in fostering a love of learning which should come naturally, without stress or confusion. She provides learning materials and curriculum that is personalized to each student, presenting it in a fun and engaging way with games, toys, songs and more. She loves to make the students smile and look forward to coming back to her class.


Education is something Nicole enjoys and pursues in all subjects. Math and English, science and social Studies are all crucial to educating young minds. She is very excited to share her skills and personality with your students. 

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