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Scholarship Opportunity: The $1,000 "SuperCollege" Scholarship!

Are you looking for a scholarship that is simple and requires NO essay? Look no further, this one is JUST for you!

The $1,000 "SuperCollege" Scholarship strives “to give back to help students make college affordable”!

All you have to do is complete the online application form!

All winners will be selected based on completeness of application. Incomplete entries are automatically disqualified.


DEADLINE: November 30, 2021

Open to: - all students — high school students, college, grads or adults (who are currently in college or plan to start)

HOW TO APPLY: 1. Click the link below. 2. Read through the website page. 3. Scroll down and fill out the Application Form (on the same page). 4. Finish registration. Make sure to read/follow any necessary instructions, such as the “official rules”. 5. Check out any further details on the website.

YOU have a chance to WIN $1,000!

APPLICANTS MUST: - Any high school, college or grad student. - Any adult planning to go back to school. - One application per student per entry period. - Incomplete entries will be disqualified.


Click the link below to apply for this GREAT scholarship and to learn more details!

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