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Setting Rules - Effective Home Schooling (2 of 6)

After setting a schedule with your child, it’s imperative to set some rules that will establish proper expectations and boundaries for the work session. Some common rules that teachers like to set, which you may remember from your own primary school days, are as follows:

  1. Use our listening ears: during these sessions, you must establish that you are taking on the teacher role and your child is the student. Remind them to put on their listening ears to listen to what you have to teach and have quiet mouths for when the teacher is talking.

  2. Look with our eyes: a common saying used by teachers to grab attention is, “1-2-3 eyes on me!”

  3. We sit in our chair: when your child is completing school work, designate a place where they can sit and work, which will reinforce a routine schedule. When there is carpet-time, ask them to sit “criss-cross-applesauce” with their legs crossed in front of them.

  4. Use our words: when your child needs something, encourage them to use their words to articulate their needs, especially for breaks.

  5. Clean up after ourselves: after a work session, set an expectation that your child needs to clean up after themself.

These are just a few examples of the many rules you can set with your child. Establishing a list of rules upfront will create a more productive schooling session for both you and your child, which you can then add to or adapt as you discover what your child’s learning style and needs are.

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