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Teach to their interest - Effective Home Schooling (3 of 6)

Your child has their own individual set of interests, like/dislikes, passions, and hobbies. To help them maximize their learning, you can use these preferences to your advantage by incorporating them into your session. If your child dislikes a particular subject, they will be more likely to fight you during the lesson, which is not an ideal situation for you or your child.

Instead, figure out a creative way to incorporate their interests into that topic. For example, if your child loves science but absolutely hates writing, you can encourage the development of their writing skills through science-focused writing prompts, such as lab reports or research papers.

By making the session fun, it’ll sustain your child’s attention so they will be more likely to engage and participate in the lesson, which in turn will lead to deeper learning. Best of all, the more fun your child is having, the more fun it’ll be for you, too!

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