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Thanda Win 
 Learning Strategist/ K-8

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From the heart of Myanmar to the bustling cities of the U.S., Thanda's journey has been deeply woven with a profound fondness for education and mentorship. Growing up in Myanmar, she quickly recognized the transformative power of a quality education. As a child, Thanda eagerly took on the role of 'teacher,' delivering captivating lessons to her attentive audience of toys in her bedroom. Later, she worked as an educator, and taught the staff at her parents' company in mastering the English language, further igniting her love for education.

This passion for teaching transcended the confines of her school, as she dedicated herself to voluntary roles as an English tutor, not only within her own school but also in various local Burmese institutions. She had earned a reputation as the go-to editor. Thanda went on to hold various positions in education, from being an Admissions Counselor and Curriculum Developer to a Writing Tutor, ELA and math teacher. 

At College Advising Prep, Thanda works closely with students in math and ELA. Her tutoring philosophy revolves around cultivating genuine connections with students, aiming to boost their confidence and encouraging them to celebrate their achievements while voicing their questions without hesitation. Thanda's dedication to education and mentorship is driven by her firm belief that these pillars empower individuals to shape a brighter, more informed future.

Thanda's academic journey led her to Tulane University in New Orleans, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Economics. However, the magnetic allure of the ever-evolving world of technology and education beckoned, propelling her towards a Master’s in Computer Science at Northeastern University's San Jose campus. Throughout these transitions, Thanda came to realize the immeasurable worth of effective mentorship. It served as the compass guiding individuals through the intricate maze of education.

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