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Harrison Feain
Learning Strategist, ELA

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Harrison has completed his Masters of Arts in Teaching at Santa Clara University. He also possesses a preliminary single subject credential. He is dedicated educator who works hard and provides excellent instruction to students. 


Harrison is a first-generation immigrant from Sydney, Australia. Therefore, he understands first-hand how difficult it can be to learn a new culture, language, and school system. As he have personally experienced, he struggled with writing essays in high school. These early failures, however, allowed him to identify effective approaches to improve vocabulary, analysis, and effective writing. Evidently, he recognizes the fundamental writing strategies that are necessary for success. 


He has worked as a tutor and provided individualized academic support through a personalized curriculum for six years. He enjoys unlocking the writing potential of students. He believes that ALL students can become great writers. As a tutor at Seattle Nativity Middle School, he hosted one-on-one sessions to improve reading comprehension. These sessions allowed him to create positive relationships with students and create individualized learning plans. Also, he has worked as a tutor for the Wunderling Learning Center in Los Altos for five years. The center prioritizes students with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia and autism. The experience exposed him to various strategies for overcoming a particular learning difficulty. More importantly, the experience allowed him to apply his subject expertise to rapidly improve students’ writing and reading abilities.


At Wilcox High School, he has worked as a student-teacher. Harrison is dedicated to creating learning opportunities that utilizes student choice and incorporates the multicultural background of students. His experience as a student-teacher has informed him of the writing standards and rigor needed to achieve proficiency in school. Moreover, his familiarity with the California Common Core Standards for building English curriculum, gives him an advantage as a tutor. After all, he knows the learning objectives and expectations of students for each grade level.     


Harrison recognizes that English may be a difficult subject for many students, but at College Advising Prep (CAP), he remains committed to teach students effective strategies to improve writing and reading comprehension as well as empower their academic success and independence. When he isn’t working with students, he enjoys showing off his basketball skills on the court.

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