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Layla Ouk ​


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Layla's transformative journey ignited a passion for empowering others through education. With 18 years of experience in education, she founded College Advising Prep (CAP) with a strong mission to help prepare students for college and career success. She aspires to break down barriers and pave the way for positive student outcomes.


Layla's vast experience in education encompasses educational research, particularly on the SIPPS intervention program and program evaluation. She worked with the Ministry of Education in Southeast Asia, focusing on K-8 curriculum development and teacher training. She has left an indelible mark on esteemed institutions like UC Davis and UCLA Extension.


Layla is deeply devoted to her community. In her collaborations with community-based organizations, Layla has epitomized empowerment not merely as a buzzword, but as the driving force behind transformative change. She understands that true empowerment transcends providing academic resources—it involves instilling confidence, nurturing resilience, and fostering an unshakeable belief in one's abilities.


Layla has spearheaded critical initiatives such as college fairs, pathways to college programs, financial aid and scholarship workshops, and SAT/ACT practice tests. Through these endeavors, she guides students through the intricate maze of college admissions with unwavering determination.


Moreover, Layla has lent her expertise to impactful youth programs like the Youth Podcast Program, the Leaders in Action Mentorship Program, College Night, and the Teen Talk Series. By doing so, she fuels the dreams of young minds and facilitates connections with mentors who can illuminate their paths.


Layla has also been a proficient educator at the university and K-12 levels. Her multifaceted experiences, whether in program evaluation, teaching, or partnering with influential organizations, underline her unwavering dedication to advancing education and empowering the youth.


She earned her BA in Psychology from UC Davis, a MBA from UOP, and completed her doctorate of education coursework in Educational Leadership at Saint Mary's.


When she isn't working with students and partners, she can be found traveling and spending quality time with loved ones.

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