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Layla Ouk ​


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Layla, founder of College Advising Prep, has over 18 years of experience in higher education in the areas of recruitment and enrollment management, teaching, academic and career counseling, along with previous experience in educational research. Her vast experience includes working with the Ministry of Education in Southeast Asia to build K-8 curriculum, as well as with several colleges, including UC Davis and UCLA Extension, where she worked with traditional students and adult learners.


Additionally, she has successfully tutored students in all subjects from kindergarten through twelfth grade, in study skills, in English, on the SAT and ACT, on high school entrance exams, and in basic finance. She has helped many students and their families in providing customized tutoring services and college admission advising.


She earned her BA in Psychology from UC Davis, a MBA from UOP, and completed her doctorate of education coursework in Educational Leadership at Saint Mary's.


When she isn't working with students and parents, she can be found exploring exotic destinations and spending quality time with loved ones.

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