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Lynette Juarez  
Learning Strategist, K-8

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Lynette has been an educator for over 20 years. ​She has a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education with a minor in psychology from Notre Dame de Namur University. She continued onwards in her education to receive a Master's in Education from Moreland University, and received her certification in Elementary Education from an accredited university in D.C.


Originally born in San Francisco but raised in Southern California after moving there with her mother and three brothers when Lynette was only 8 years old. Generally, she excelled in school, but it had its challenges as well. Lynette didn’t come to understand why learning was much more challenging for her as compared to her peers. It was later revealed that Lynette had a learning disability, and she was diagnosed with Dyslexia in her freshman year in college. Her personal experience with a learning disability helped her to recognize the significance of addressing the different requirements of every child.


She believes that everybody learns differently; thus, it is important to identify each student’s specific learning style. Also, there are all types of learners, such as some students who are more visual as opposed to auditory, or a kinesthetic learner rather than a visual learner.


Lynette has worked in different school environments-- private, public, and charter schools. She has taught kindergarten for four years, first grade for three years, second grade for 15 years, and third grade for two years. Her love of teaching does not stop in the classroom. At College Advising Prep (CAP), she spends much of her time tutoring children one-on-one and in small groups. She is enthusiastic and excited about working and getting to know her students and their families. Her goal is for every child to become self-sufficient, innovative thinkers.


When she isn’t busy helping students, she can be spotted at the poolside relaxing and sunbathing to ensure she doesn’t lose her glowing summer tan. She is also nature lover and enjoys exploring new trails nearby.

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