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Ravin Nhem​

Manager of Tutoring Services

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Ravin has an unwavering commitment to student success and development. She is extremely passionate about teaching, and has over five years of experience in the education field.


For two years, she worked with children and youths (ages ranging from 6 to 15 years old) at the Boys and Girls Club. During her tenure, she encouraged students to make self- discoveries, solve problems, and think independently through the implementation of innovative curriculum and programs. She managed behavioral problems in a positive manner by utilizing applied behavioral analyst (ABA) techniques and strategies. She helped to foster youth development through encouragement, involvement, and emotional support.


She works at Morgan Autism Center in San Jose as an Instructional Aide for three years. She collaborates with the lead teacher and other instructional aides to design and implement effective therapeutic approaches for optimal outcomes. Additionally, she evaluates and assesses children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) to determine areas of need.


At College Advising Prep, she specializes in teaching study skills and in helping elementary and middle school students develop the fundamental skills needed for academic success. She helps her students incorporate positive study habits, fill learning gaps and build a strong foundation to propel students to achieve their maximum potential. She believes learning should be enjoyable. She loves teaching difficult concepts using creative methods to make it fun and engaging for her students.


She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Health Science from San Jose State University. When she isn’t working with students, she can be found exploring the great outdoors and enjoying tantalizing cuisines at new restaurants.

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